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Carpaccio 115 kr

Thin fillet with olive oil, balsamic, squeezed lemon, rocket leaves, parmesan D.O.P, sliced mushrooms and pine nuts

formaggi 115 kr

Selection of cheeses

Antipasto della casa 115 kr (small) 150 kr (large)

Selection of classic Italian starters

bruschetta 115 kr

Grilled sourdough bread with prosciutto, tomatoes, garlic and basil

buratina 90 kr

Buratina with tomatoes, basil, pine nuts and olive oil


Our dough is made starting from the spontaneous fermentation of flour and water, mixed together and put to rest - making our pizza light and delicious. Addition of 10 kr per course after 4.00 pm.

Ask for our vegan cheese if you want a cheese that’s free from lactose and milk.
Gluten free pizza dough + 25 kr.

margherita-regina 125 kr

San Marzano Tomatoes, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan D.O.P, basil

vesuvio 115 kr

Crispy bacon, tomatoes, mozzarella

T.B.M 129 kr

Fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, Västerbotten cheese

portabello bianco 125 kr

Butter-fried portabello mushroom, sour cream, mozzarella, parsley, garlic, parmesan D.O.P, lemon

calzone 135 kr

Crispy bacon, salsiccia, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket leaves, Västerbotten cheese, semi-dried tomatoes

salsa verde 115 kr

Salsa verde, mozzarella, wild tomatoes, basil

’nduja 135 kr

’Nduja, tomatoes, mozzarella, buratina, spring onion, honey, parsley oil

Prosciutto con pesto 150 kr

Pesto, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, spinach, buffalo mozzarella, Västerbotten cheese, prosciutto

white caprin 140 kr

Goat cheese from Tivars Gård, mozzarella, yellow and red beets, fried parsley, fig jam, caramelized walnuts

Bianca - winner of pizza-sm 2015 - 145 kr

Mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, black cabbage, spinach, parmesan D.O.P, prosciutto, garlic chips, balsamic

parma e gorgonzola 145 kr

Prosciutto, mozzarella, gorgonzola, walnuts, honey

manzo 145 kr

Fillet, red onion, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, bearnaise, tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic

Frutti di mare 140 kr

Hand peeled shrimps, blue mussels, scallops, rocket leaves, lemon, garlic, chili, tomatoes, mozzarella

Spianata romana 130 kr

Tomatoes, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan D.O.P, spianata romana salami, oregano

pasta fresca

Pasta made of wheat and eggs, fresh from our pasta labratory.
Addition of 10 kr per course after 4.00 pm.

Gluten free pasta + 15 kr. Gluten free pasta boilt in separate water + 25 kr.
All pasta dishes are available lactose- and milk protein free.

spicy vodka 135 kr

’Nduja, onion, garlic, tomatoes, cream, vinegar, parmesan D.O.P, salami

aglio e olio con scampi 135 kr

Scampi, lemon, fresh herbs, butter, kalabrien chili, garlic, olive oil

Tagliatelle Bolognese 120 kr

Long cooked meat sauce, parmesan D.O.P

Tagliatelle Pomodore e mozzarella 115 kr

Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, rocket leaves

Spagetti Carbonara 125 kr

Crispy bacon, parmesan D.O.P, pecorino, eggs, garlic, black pepper

Zucchini alla pecorino tagliatelle 120 kr

Zucchini, cream, pecorino, mushroom, pine nuts, garlic, rosemary, white wine, butter

Parma Tagliatelle 120 kr

Prosciutto, pesto, roasted vegetables, ricotta, rocket leaves, cream

Caserecce Pesto con salame 120 kr

Pine nuts, salami, pesto, parmesan D.O.P, cream

Salsiccia con ricotta 135 kr

Salsiccia, chili, garlic, spinach, ricotta, semi-dried tomatoes, cream, rosemary

funghi 130 kr

Mushrooms, walnuts, white wine, rocket leaves, cream, fresh herbs, Västerbotten cheese, garlic, butter

Alfredo con pollo 130 kr

Chicken breast, garlic, cream, parmesan D.O.P, fresh herbs, butter

Salmone tagliatelle 130 kr

Salmon fillet, cream, chili, spinach, lemon, dill, tomato puree, lobster stock, butter

manzo mafaldine 145 kr

Fillet, mushrooms, cream, garlic, chili, hazelnuts, white wine, onion, fresh herbs, rocket leaves, butter

Tagliatelle Di Crostacie 150 kr

Cherry tomatoes, spinach, cream, white wine, shellfish, chili, garlic, onion, rocket leaves, butter

Gorgonzola con pollo 145 kr

Chicken fillet, mushrooms, white win, cream, gorgonzola, garlic, pumpkin seeds, chili, rocket leaves, butter


funghi 130 kr

Arborio rice, mushrooms, onion, rosemary, white wine, garlic, Västerbotten cheese

Risotto e scampi 150 kr

Arborio rice, white wine, garlic, lobster stock,, parmesan D.O.P, parsley, fennel, onion, asparagus, butter

Ragu di carne 140 kr

Arborio rice, white wine, garlic, butter, parmesan D.O.P, mushrooms, chuck steak, cumin


Addition of 10 kr per course after 4.00 pm.

caprese 95 kr

Tomater, buratina, rödlök, pesto, pinjekärnor, mixsallad

ceasar chicken 125 kr

Grilled chicken fillet, croutons, caesar dressing, parmesan D.O.P, tomatoes, red onion, crispy bacon, romaine lettuce


ceasar with handpeeled shrimps 135 kr

ceasar with scampi 135 kr

ceasar with salmon 125 kr

ceasar with fillet 125 kr / 145 kr

Prosciutto with grilled cheese 135 kr

Romaine lettuce, pesto cream, pomegranate, strawberries, cantaloupe melon, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, grilled cheese, avocado

Chèvre with beetroot hummus 125 kr

Grilled chèvre, wheat berries, point cabbage, carrots, red onion, mixed salad, roasted almonds

salmon 135 kr

Gas-burnt salmon, mixed salad, tomatoes, denocciolate olives, eggs, potato, fennel, caprice cream

mista 75 kr

Rocket leaves, Västerbotten cheese, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, lemon

asian salad

Seagrass noodles, coriander, tomatoes, black tuscany, soyadressing, sesame mayo, carrots, sesame seeds, bean sprouts, garlic, cashews, spring onions, romaine lettuce
Choose between:

scampi 135 kr

chicken 130 kr

fillet 140 kr

salmon 130 kr

handpeeled shrimps 135 kr


Nuts, vegetables or dressing 15 kr

Chèvre, crispy bacon, grilled cheese, cheese or pasta 20 kr

Meat sauce, chicken, salsiccia, shrimps or salmon 38 kr

Fillet 40 kr



Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger 119 kr / 159 kr

Cheddar x3, jalapeno, onion, pickles, mayo, mustard

bistro 119 kr / 159 kr

Crispy bacon, tomato relish, mushroom, fried onion, Västerbotten cheese, truffel mayo

Cheese 99 kr / 139 kr

Pickled onion, fried onion, extra cheddar, mayo

chicken 99 kr / 139 kr

Crispy salad, szechuan mayo, BBQ-sauce, coleslaw

classic 99 kr / 139 kr

Onion, crispy sallad, fresh tomatoes, cheddar, dressing

burger for builders 159 kr

2x meatburgers, 2x fried eggs with salad, tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, avocado, truffel mayo. No bread.

beyond burger +10 kr

Make your burger vegan. Beyond is free from soya, gluten and GMO.

grilled cheese 99 kr / 139 kr

Avocado, semi-dried tomatoes, crispy salad, onion, portabello mushroom, pepper mayo

hot wings 79 kr / 99 kr

Fried chicken wings with tiger sauce, celery and bluecheese (5 or 8 wings)


Aioli 15 kr

Bearnaise 15 kr

Harissa  mayo 15 kr

Pepper mayo 15 kr

Parmesan mayo 15 kr

Melted cheddar 15 kr

Truffel mayo 15 kr


Animal fries (small) 45 kr

Animal fries (large) 75 kr

Coleslaw 20 kr

Cajun corn ribs (4 or 8) 35 kr / 60 kr

French fries 25 kr

Sweet potato fries 35 kr

Onion rings (5 or 8) 35 kr / 45 kr

kids MENu


Choose from a selection of homemade italian gelato in different flavours or ask the barstaff for other desserts.




Tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan D.O.P, basil

vesuvio 75 kr

Crispy bacon, tomatoes, mozzarella


Tagliatelle Bolognese 79 kr

Long cooked meat sauce, parmesan D.O.P

Spagetti Carbonara 79 kr

Crispy bacon, parmesan D.O.P, pecorino, eggs, garlic, black pepper

Tagliatelle Pomodore e mozzarella 79 kr

Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, rocket leaves


burger 59 kr

Crispy salad, cheddar, dressing

menu 75 kr

Burger, crispy salad, cheddar, dressing, French fries and a juice